Business Consulting

Life & Career Choices offers business consulting services to improve a company’s bottom line by addressing gaps that impact the customer and employee experience.

Common Scenarios

  • The business needs to establish a staged approach for culture change, with related visioning and communication strategies. This might include designing a framework for consistent feedback conversations and leadership development that includes coaching for managers and executives.
  • The organization is unprepared for a quick growth spurt or attrition. Service to customers is adversely impacted while employees are stretched thin. An immediate plan that might include interim staffing is necessary to ensure prompt communication and service levels, preserving relationships and business.
  • The employer wants to create a meaningful event or recognition series to celebrate a milestone anniversary or other enterprise-wide accomplishment. This type of initiative is a great boost to employee engagement!
  • A variety of learning and development activities must be put in place for a specific to a change initiative or other skill-building needs.
  • Exit strategy and succession planning sessions are necessary to facilitate the transition of key members of the leadership team while preserving customer service levels and employee morale.
  • Employee satisfaction  and clients service are adversely affected by issues related to quality of work life, such as wok-life balance, team dynamics, organizational change, and talent utilization.
  • The company is willing to invest in cost effective benefits in order to attract and retain high performers, such select relocation services, education sessions or coaching related to personal growth and well-being.


  1. Managing Director meets with key organizational stakeholders to outline immediate or anticipated specifications, including resource requirements, measurable objectives, and budgets.
  2. Managing Director develops a proposal in collaboration with stakeholders, to include a temporary external team of subject matter experts to join with internal resources in a united effort.
  3. Managing Director communicates regularly with all involved to exchange feedback, address issues, evaluate progress, and ensure quality deliverables.


  • Collaborative effort in which both internal and consulting resources form a mutually supportive team.
  • Subject matter experts to flexibly address needs that are not covered by the employer’s existing infrastructure.
  • Quality of life enhancements for entrepreneurs senior business leaders, and their teams, with translatable client service improvements and measurable business gains.
  • Stronger culture of community with intact relationships and effective transition management.

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