Media Services


Augment your company’s marketing strategy through compelling media! Feature your key experts on “Turn the Page” and through audio and video coverage of live events.

Collaborate with Hemda to develop interview series that feature the expertise of key members of your team and convey your company’s brand in compelling ways. Guest spot series on Host Hemda’s “Turn the Page” podcast and/or live event coverage are designed to augment your marketing strategy and can include:

  • A consult with Hemda to define your goals, featured guests, and interview and marketing content for series on “Turn the Page” and/or at high profile events such as conferences, trade shows, and panel discussions
  • Three or more podcast guest spots with guidance for your company’s experts on verbalizing content for a powerful media presence
  • Live mentions, endorsements, commercials, and/or other promotional options that will feature your company’s experts both prior to and after broadcasting
  • The opportunity to repurpose content on your website, YouTube, and other visibility platforms
  • Newsworthy feature articles, blogs, press releases, and/or other written marketing to augment video and audio content, visibility, and engagement
  • Media coverage through VoiceAmerica, the world’s leading producer, distributor, and online broadcaster of original live and on demand online talk radio programming. is ranked number one for “internet talk radio” as well as “live internet talk radio” on the GoogleTM search engine.


Partner with Hemda to develop content for professional talks, bios, book contributions, feature articles, blogs, and other branding and promotional assets.

Contact Hemda to discuss the design of cost-effective media packages that can be paced according to your company’s growth path!