Getting Started

We offer four ways to get started!


  1. Sign-up for an initial consult. Our coaching experience reveals that a productive way to explore and initiate a coaching relationship is through an hour and a half consult. Through this consult, we’ll discuss your motivation in making a change, what’s most important to you in the short and longer term, and what you’re looking for in a coaching engagement. We’ll also outline a staged plan that reflects your priorities and preferences. The consult offers an opportunity to gain a sense of our compatibility prior to deciding on a larger investment of time and other resources. It will provide you with a concrete, actionable “take away” in the form of the start-up plan. We’ll tailor subsequent coaching sessions based on the consult specifics.

  3. Sign up for a coaching special. Coaching specials offer fun, educational opportunities to cost effectively experience our services. You’ll receive a formal assessment report on a targeted personal or professional development focus area, such as work-life balance, leadership effectiveness, or learning agility. We’ll apply the assessment results to create a development plan, and meet for a brief follow-up session and evaluate progress and re-strategize as necessary.

  5. Sign-up for a series of virtual or in-person coaching sessions to address one or more of the areas identified in our packages.

  7. Contact us to discuss your interest in group coaching or learning sessions.


Quick Steps to Start Now