Work-Life Strategy Coaching

We provide Work-Life Strategy coaching for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, elite athletes, senior business leaders, and other high performers. Partnering specialists may be engaged to provide necessary subject matter expertise and services.


Our Clients
Our clients are highly motivated and committed to optimizing use of services and outcomes. Clients partner with us in order to be better resourced with trusted networks for strategic support of both professional and personal objectives.


Scope of Work
Coaching engagements include, and are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Determination and syndication of coaching goals reflecting strategic priorities;
  • Creation of an implementation plan that includes agreed-upon goals, targeted outcomes, action steps, time frames, and measures;
  • Guidance and assistance with accomplishing goals set forth in implementation plan, and revisions to plan;
  • In-person and/or virtual coaching with frequency and duration based on the client’s needs and schedule;
  • Additional assignments for self-reflection and/or behavioral practice to complete between coaching sessions;
  • Email exchanges that provide meeting summaries and pose questions for agenda setting and session preparation;
  • Research, and involvement of subject matter experts as necessary;
  • Periodic and end of engagement progress assessment.


Email exchanges in between meetings provide a continuum for progress and interactions that multiplies the value of the coaching sessions.