Coaching Specials

Each coaching special includes a formal assessment report and two hours in total of virtual coaching, during which we’ll debrief on the assessment findings and establish a plan based on your prioritized areas of focus. This will include a brief follow-up meeting to evaluate progress and restrategize if necessary. Specials must be completed within three months of the purchase date. All of the five packages described below are available as coaching specials. Please identify your specials of choice when you sign-up.


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Effectively Navigate the Balance Between Work and Family Life
Can you find ways to effectively negotiate you career and personal investments, such that you are fulfilled and productive in both? Whether you’re single, married, and/or a parent, this package helps you to identify how you can ensure that you are developing and investing enough in various areas that comprise your well-being. It includes a self-assessment that explores how well you manage the boundaries between your responsibilities at and outside of work. We’ll create a plan to improve your effectiveness based on the importance you place on various work-life commitments and your ability to set and adhere to boundaries around your use of time and other resources.


Address Common Challenges as a Manager
Common challenges that managers face include gaining buy-in for change initiatives, dealing with the complexities of their own career transitions and work responsibilities, addressing the intricacies of diversity in the workplace, and the boundaries that relate to their multifaceted roles. We’ll identify the key challenges and learning opportunities you face, and establish a plan that is targeted to your development needs to support success in both your current and upcoming roles. This package is also valuable if you are in between jobs and need to be better equipped to handle the pitfalls that impacted you in your prior work experiences. Prepare and boost your confidence!


Improve Your Learning Agility
Experience does not imply expertise, especially if you are over-relying on the same learning tactics. Through this package, you’ll identify which learning tactics you predominantly use, and which ones you’ll benefit from further engaging in order to deepen and even accelerate your learning. We’ll develop a plan through which you’ll practice applying under or unutilized tactics to improve your performance and growth in your career or other areas in which you’d like to progress.


Leadership Effectiveness Snapshot
How do you view your effectiveness as a leader relative to how others perceive you? This personal look at leadership is the next best thing to an in-depth 360-degree feedback assessment, and is less costly! It provides you with research-based insights about what makes for effective leadership, enables you to gain insights about how others see your strengths and development needs, and offers improvement suggestions. We’ll create a plan that is targeted to overlapping areas identified by you and others with whom you’ve worked closely.


Strengths Assessment for Career Mobility & Transitions
An ongoing assessment of strengths that explores character traits, both your technical and non-technical skills, and the conditions in which you thrive are key to your career mobility and advancement. You’ll complete a variety of assessments that will offer a data-driven approach to addressing challenges, fulfilling performance goals, and further defining your career direction!