Career Pathing

Focused on assessing career direction, career pathing supports entrepreneurs, senior leaders, and their teams in evaluating their need for change as it relates to their work roles and environments. This evaluation may result in reconfiguring your commitments in your current business, or cultivating new opportunities that are more compatible with your preferences and life stage. Assessment exercises, including discussion of career themes and peak performance experiences, help to crystallize a directional approach. The package is also invaluable to professionals who seek to reaffirm their value-adds and passions as a result of work sabbaticals or time spent in incompatible workplaces.

If you’re interested in exploring options that will enable you to improve your work-life balance and/or quality of life, this package is for you! Read Hemda’s blog posts to learn more about her perspective on career redirection: How Hardship Builds Your Value Proposition and Career Transition


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