Life & Career Choices provides consulting for small to mid-sized companies, including family-owned and operated businesses, and coaching for both active and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our clients include elite performers like professional athletes, who seek to transfer their peak performance skills to entrepreneurship. We also advise and support business owners who would benefit from reducing their workloads and/or planning an exit strategy due to changing lifestyle needs and marketplace conditions.

In addition to providing individual coaching on issues related to performance, leadership, and transitions, we collaborate with our organizational clients to address gaps that impact the customer and employee experience. Learn more about our business consulting services.

Our coaching and consulting work includes providing media services that augment an entrepreneur or company’s business strategy. This includes designing a series of guest spots with related endorsements and other promotional opportunities on Hemda’s podcast, “Turn the Page,” streaming coverage of live events, as well as content strategy and writing of branding assets such as professional talks and feature articles.

As trusted advisors and confidantes, we appreciate the privilege of serving our clients and their families with professionalism and hospitality.