Personalized Package

The personalized package is suited to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, active and retired pro athletes, and other elite performers who would benefit from an integration of various coaching services. We enlist subject matter experts as necessary to ensure that you are appropriately supported in addressing both immediate and longer term issues, integrating tools from disciplines like positive psychology, sports psychology, health and wellness coaching, counseling, change management, and image consulting.

This package could include content development for talks for professional speakers and exploring perspectives and potential courses of action related to dilemmas, conflicts, and/or challenges that you are facing. This is especially helpful if you are in a situation that is new to you, one that you may not feel prepared to address in the timeframe that your response is required. We’ll talk through the circumstances and how your values and priorities can elicit clarity and help to guide your decisions toward steps that can benefit you and others.

We’ve collaborated with individuals, teams, and families who are dealing with loss (e.g., losing a career, loved ones, mobility, etc.), regrouping after being diagnosed with a health condition, managing preexisting health conditions to optimize quality of life, and engaging in career and life planning.