Work-Life Strategy

Our work-life strategy coaching for elite performers spans the full career life-cycle, from starts to exits and everything in between. This includes carefully crafting exit strategies that enable senior leaders/partners and other key stakeholders to transition on a high note. We strategize on a multitude of other personal and organizational effectiveness areas such as emotion and stress regulation, career mobility, and maintaining core cultural values and practices in the face of rapid change. We collaborate with a vast network of subject matter experts to provide specialized expertise when necessary.


Our Clients
Our clients are individuals and groups or organizations who invest deliberately in optimizing effectiveness, well-being, and quality of life. We are quality rather than volume-focused to establish meaningful and productive client relationships that offer transformative value. Each coaching hour typically requires between 1 and 2 hours of “behind the scenes” work for the coach.


Scope of Work
Coaching engagements include, and are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Determination and syndication of coaching goals reflecting strategic priorities;
  • Creation of an implementation plan that includes agreed-upon goals, targeted outcomes, action steps, time frames, and measures;
  • Guidance and assistance with accomplishing goals set forth in implementation plan, and revisions to plan;
  • Predominantly virtual coaching with frequency and duration based on the client’s needs and schedule;
  • Additional assignments for self-reflection and/or behavioral practice to complete between coaching sessions;
  • Email exchanges that provide data synthesis, meeting summaries and tailored questions for pre and post-session work;
  • Research, and involvement of subject matter experts as necessary;
  • Periodic and end of engagement progress assessment.
  • Availability for brief phone or Zoom touch points for time-sensitive issues that spontaneously emerge.

    Email exchanges and live touch points in between calls provide a continuum that multiplies the value of the coaching sessions.