“After being featured on Hemda’s podcast, “Turn the Page,†and in her blogs, I asked her to collaborate with me on content strategy and writing for professional talks, and on my upcoming book. If I had to choose one person to portray me in any writing endeavor, it would be Hemda. She’s the one who can help you to connect the dots, articulate thoughts you aren’t able to verbalize, and transcribe them into writing. She does this in such a thoughtful and elegant fashion. Hemda truly understands an athlete’s mindset, and has a special way of working with athletes, especially those in the professional realm.”

– Professional Athlete and Entrepreneur


“As a strategic advisor, Hemda presents an organized mind with an exceptional ability to process large amounts of data, and to conceptualize challenges and opportunities. She led the effort to develop a strategic plan for the Medicine Department, including leadership training and coaching for division chiefs. Her supportive and empathetic, yet rigorous approach, earned her the trust and respect of the team. Simultaneously, her inquisitive mind led her to embrace the challenge of understanding the barriers to and promoters of organizational effectiveness, and to formulate and test hypotheses about possible solutions. She presented innovative ideas that promoted a team-based approach; this, in turn, improved our overall organizational structure, as well as the performance of specific programs. She energized the entire Department, and her impact was simply transformative.â€

– Healthcare Executive and Pulmonologist


“Hemda performed a wide variety of functions in service delivery, organizational development, diversity, coaching, performance management, training, program design and implementation, and leadership of project teams. It was truly remarkable that she excelled in all these areas. She was distinguished in her talent for creating and delivering innovative projects, her unmatched people skills, which enabled her to establish exceptional working relationships with employees at all levels, the excellence of her written proposals and communications with clients, and her extremely valuable dedication. Hemda is also a person with a wonderful sense of humor and perspective. She is simply someone who connects to people: everyone immediately feels she is interested, committed, practical, and empathic. She helped to keep us on track by embodying our highest values on a daily basis.â€

– Former Managing Director, Career Services, Global Financial Services Firm


“My counseling sessions with Hemda still stand out as the some of the most catalytic experiences of my professional life. Her remarkable ability to see beneath my concerns and uncover my skills, strengths and personal vision enabled me to set a professional journey that I follow to this day. Apart from her dedication, Hemda possesses certain qualities that make her an amazing colleague, friend, and incredible resource for learning and change. She has a remarkable ability to remain present and focused in a group dialogue, such that new possibilities arise almost naturally in the thread of conversations. I referred Hemda’s coaching to over 20 clients. In every case, their feedback echoed my experience of her rare talent as a professional coach, someone who awakens a client’s higher calling, often guiding them to serve themselves and society in ways than they never imagined possible.â€

– Managing Partner, Global Executive Coaching & Consulting Firm


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