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What colleagues, direct reports and clients are saying about Hemda

“Hemda has a vast fund of personal inner strength, patience, and calmness that allows a person to feel safe with her. You can confide in her without worry.”
“Hemda is a person with tremendous integrity, intellectual resources and an ability to establish rapport and work with a variety of people at all levels and from different cultural backgrounds. She is a first rate and very creative coach.”
“Hemda is an extremely skilled listener with a highly developed understanding of organizational dynamics. She provided me with invaluable counseling in a very challenging work environment.”
“Both visionary and entrepreneurial, Hemda sets and achieves goals, and is open to trying new, innovative ways to tackle problems.”
“Hemda has incredible communication and interpersonal skills. She values the opinions of all those she comes into contact with and has an innate talent at discovering an individual’s strengths.”
“Hemda is patient, calm, approachable, and deeply present. She is consistently motivational, and cultivates trust. She is someone who leaves lasting invaluable impressions.”
“Hemda is the most humane, compassionate person and it comes through very clearly. You feel nothing but support, nothing but inclusion.”
“Hemda has the most positive outlook on life and to challenges. She conveys that to others through her thoughtful feedback and questioning. She is a caring individual and I believe this comes across so strongly in her counseling.”
“Hemda is able to package a person’s strengths into a cogent action plan. You can feel frustrated or empty prior to meeting with her regarding work endeavors and she will facilitate a positive direction.”
“Hemda is very collaborative and a great networker. She makes the effort to build partnerships and not just transactional relationships.”