“Hemda has the unique gift of being able to listen deeply and draw out the special qualities in her guests. Her mellifluous, beguiling voice sets the tone. But beyond the soothing blanket she lays down, it is her quiet presence that enables clear thinking and mindfulness–so rare in this noisy world. The result is that guests and listeners are able to process life-changing ideas without pressure, without being bombarded. Hemda is also a skilled coach and HR consultant, so she knows about personal development and career management best practices from her own work and experiences. She can thus guide listeners on a journey that she has taken herself. A journey that can be hard, but which she can make easier by offering the latest tools combined with ancient wisdom from the heart.”

Josh Ehrlich, Ph.D., Executive Coach; Chairman, Global Leadership Council; Author MindShifting: Focus for Performance

“Hemda Mizrahi is a proficient and engaging host who conducts her radio show as a thoughtful, probing conversation rather than a formulaic interview. She effortlessly guided our dialogue with a warm spontaneity complemented by an organized structure and purpose. We dove into patient stories and scenarios to advocate integrative lifestyle approaches and non-invasive plastic surgery strategies. Her smooth, balanced demeanor created such a natural, relaxing environment to share my perspectives that time evaporated surprisingly quickly. Through Turn the Page, Hemda has crafted an admirable platform and brand that enhances quality of life and wellness for listeners in all parts of the world.â€

Alan Bienstock, MD, MPH, Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Founder of COSMEDIXonCALL

“Hemda has a rare gift for connection and communication, combining a breadth of knowledge and training with genuine empathy and experience. With her intuitive wisdom and generous ability to listen, she is able to home in on the essence of an idea and distill it for greater clarity and accessibility. Through her radio show, Hemda is creating a valuable body of work, shining a spotlight on the information and lessons that we all can use to improve our personal and professional lives.â€

Renita Kalhorn, MBA, Mental Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs and Other Mavericks

“Hemda is super organized and a very calming presence.  She had a clear format we worked through so we were prepped for the show but not overly so.  Over the course of our prep, I got to know and trust her.  Our on-air conversation just flowed!  It was my first time being interviewed in this format, but I didn’t feel nervous for one minute.  I knew Hemda had it under control and directed our conversation in a way that delved deep, was clear for the listener and fun!  What a pro!â€

Allison Hamilton-Rohe, Personal Style Coach, Founder of DailyOutfit, Blogger

“I had the pleasure of working with Hemda Mizrahi when she interviewed me for her radio show, Turn The Page. As a leadership and development expert herself, Hemda really knows how to get to the heart and substance of issues and ask questions that elicit information helpful to her listeners. At the same time, she’s so warm and conversational I felt like all our professional talk was still like two girlfriends catching up over drinks. We broadcast a live show, and the hour just flew by. I’ve also heard her interview others, including one of my favorite writers, relationship expert Dr. Karen Rancourt, and that episode was also interesting and informative. I highly recommend that listeners with a thirst for personal development check out Hemda Mizrahi on Turn The Page.â€

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Founding Partner, SIXFIgureStart LLC; Executive Coach/Recruiter; Author; Career Columnist

“On her “Turn the Page” radio show, Hemda establishes an upbeat and informative format. She approaches the segments in a professional manner, along with an ambiance of warmth. She is adaptive as she navigates the interview in a productive direction, displaying curiosity and interest in the featured topic. Her style uniquely combines a serious attitude with a casualness which facilitates a positive interactive flow. She treats her guests graciously and with respect, while pursuing their in depth thinking. Hemda very skillfully takes charge of shaping the conversation, while simultaneously providing lots of room for guests to develop and express their points of view. I was feeling under the weather when I arrived for the live broadcast, but Hemda engaged me in a way that accessed my enthusiasm and passion. She is like a sports coach who has a knack for bringing out the best in her players.â€

Stanley Teitelbaum, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist; Author; Creator of “Bear Market Issues and Solutions†Program for Wealth Managers

“It was a distinct pleasure being interviewed by Hemda for her radio show. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and supportive demeanor somehow turned my small, basement office into a state of the art, high level, recording studio. Hemda showed up thoroughly prepared with questions that made my answers sound insightful and informative. She made me look good! A patient of mine, a theater professional, is starting a radio show (art and theater related), and I suggested that she listen to Hemda’s show as prep work. She stated that listening to Hemda’ s style has proved invaluable in helping her hone a great interviewing technique. Hemda rocks!â€

Jay Heller, DC, Licensed Chiropractor